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Interview: Singaporean Popstars Sobs on Gas Stations, Blue Takis, and Selling Out

Three no-nonsense bodies hurried about me, loading their equipment quickly into the back of an Uber and piling into the backseat with some friends. I sat up front with the driver, who initiated a conversation about the various B-list celebrities and cultural icons he had the chance of driving around all week thanks to SXSW (he was particularly stoked to tell us that the Red Power Ranger graced the same seats we were sitting in).

Had I wanted to embarrass them, I likely would have mentioned that

Interview: Coming into your own with Haru Nemuri

Back in college, I first wrote about Haru Nemuri’s Shunka Ryougen for a music column I led on behalf of my university website. Sitting across from the poetry rapper and her team nearly ten months later inside of a WeWork in downtown Austin, I struggled to articulate how important the project meant to me as a young adult who at the time, found herself growing increasingly frustrated at the broken systems of the world around me.

Hailing from Japan, Kimishima Haruna contained a sense of controlled

Interview: Breaking the Machine with Helen Ganya

Like many others, when I teeter on the edge of an existential crisis, I often wish so very badly to fly to some far-off foreign country, scrap my identity, and start over with a fresh blank slate. Facing the tough reality that all of this requires money that I do not possess, I disable my Instagram account instead… only to return a few days later (begrudgingly, of course), but nevertheless with a lightened spirit.

Helen Ganya has accomplished the musical equivalent of that. Since her rebrand fr

Interview: Sabrina Song on imposter syndrome & staying true to yourself

As a first-time SXSW attendee, I was equal parts excited for a week full of music and nervous to be setting foot on Texas soil. Another thing I didn’t realize I was, until about three hours in on the first day, I was wholly unprepared. In my attempts to navigate the near-endless list of events and shows that SX had to offer, I spent weeks before the conference listening to as many artists as humanly possible to compile a hefty list of live acts I was excited about.

One artist wowed me on first

Firsts with Hojean: Festival Performance, Headline Tour, and 'Swing EP'

It’s an unbearably hot day. The sweltering heat in Pasadena has reached heights that allowed for drink vendors at 88Rising’s Head in the Clouds fest to charge criminal prices ($15 for a 16 oz drink) — and get away with it. Bullets of sweat bead across virtually every attendee’s hairline in sight and I was no exception. However, I was not deterred, my eyes glued on the 88 Stage, lying in wait for the 3 PM act.

Hojean, an Atlanta-based, Korean-American, indie R&B singer-songwriter and self-procla

A Career of Trailblazing: Josie Ho, From Hong Kong to the World

Josie Ho stands across from me as an assistant refreshes her makeup. I take this chance to recollect my thoughts, open my reporter’s notebook, and take in the person mere inches away from me — someone many would call a cultural icon. I would find myself in agreement with the epithet. It would be inaccurate to call Josie Ho a jack of all trades, and would really do more justice to call the Hong Kong actress, singer, and director for what she really is: a virtuoso in the art of wearing many, many

Interview: Honey J, choreographer, artist, and dance pioneer

It’s time for the dancers to step into the spotlight.

Model, dancer, and choreographer HaNee Jeong, known by her stage name Honey J, is paving her own way into uncharted territory in the dance realm. The leader of the winning group HolyBang in the Korean dance competition Street Woman Fighter in 2021, as well as the main female backup dancer for Korean hip hop singer Jay Park, Honey J is the first artist to be signed to Jay Park’s new label, MORE VISION.

With a vision for a fresh take on the b

Tackling Asian America’s Mental Health Stigma: A Talk with ‘Dealing with Dad’ Director Tom Huang

At this year’s New York Asian Film Festival, dozens of films represented the cinematic talent of various Asian communities across the globe, but only one film spoke true to the often convoluted Asian American experience.

Director Tom Huang’s latest, Dealing with Dad, follows the story of Margaret (Ally Maki) and her two brothers Larry (Hayden Szeto) and Roy (Peter S. Kim) as they navigate the road to treatment for their father (Dana Lee)’s depression. Margaret returns home to find her father st

On the power of pure rage: A conversation on the makings of 'The Girl on a Bulldozer'

Tedious chores moonlight as signifiers for a young adult’s coming of age. Paying taxes, doing your own laundry, learning how to cook. During my college days, I often winced and skimped as much as I could on the “essentials,” hoarding weeks of dirty clothes to save on trips to the dormitory wash-and-dry machines. So goes the story of a low-income child of immigrants, who shares an innate and intimate understanding of frugality as if inherited and handed down through their genes.

And although we

What’s Hot in Music This Month: Local Concerts, New Releases

Welcome back, Terriers, to our monthly column, “What’s Hot in Music This Month.”

This month, we want you to know about the next project from promising new band Black Country, New Road, listen to the low-profile, rising shoegaze artist Parannoul, and rock out with Aminé at House of Blues.

Senior Terriers may remember the 802.1x concert held in the spring of 2018, headlined by rapper and songwriter Aminé. The artist had gained notoriety with his debut single, “Caroline,” which the singer refers

What’s Hot in Music This Month: Local Boston Concerts, New Releases

Welcome, Terriers, to our new column, “What’s Hot in Music.” This month, get settled into the groove of the semester with some angelic, relaxing tunes from rising star Linying, have a night out with friends to see the iconic Boyz II Men, or stay up all night waiting for the (potential) drop of Ye’s highly anticipated Donda 2.

There Could Be Wreckage Here, Linying Singaporean song-writer Linying may have had a stressful time going in and out of the studio meetings with various producers for the

Baby Keem Gives Fans Maximum Effort On “The Melodic Blue” Tour

On what would have been a relatively quiet Sunday night for most, hip-hop fans dutifully filled up Boston's tiny Paradise Rock Club from front to back, and began chanting "Baby Keem" with increasing intensity, as they attempted to coax Baby Keem onto the stage for his most recent stop on the "Melodic Tour." The sound engineer, after seeing how anxious the fans were, decided to tease them by dangling one finger above the sound system as if he was about to start the music, and bring Keem out-- onl

Freddie Gibbs, Roddy Ricch, Lil Uzi Vert & More Hit Day N Vegas

Day N Vegas wrapped up its music festival for the first time since 2019. The three-day event also marks the first major music festival since the Astroworld tragedy just one week ago, and thus, fans and promoters themselves went into the event with both care and caution. The festival went off without a hitch, apart from a disgruntled Uzi after his set was abruptly cut off.

Apart from Lil Uzi Vert, the star-studded lineup included artists like Baby Keem, Doja Cat, Lil Uzi Vert, SZA, Post Malone,

Who Is Malu Trevejo?

Malu Trevejo is a name that's recently come into the pop culture lexicon, thanks to an announcement of a Travis Scott Cactus Jack signing which has since seemingly been overturned (more on that later). The young star was born in Cuba, and immigrated to America at the age of 12, settling in Miami, Florida with her mom, where she would grow her now-impressive following.

Malu, who has been belly-dancing since she was a kid, began to find followers through the app (now TikTok), thanks to


“I would challenge all organizations who adopt Juneteenth as a holiday to not just do the performative gesture of making it a holiday.”

This year marks the first year that Massachusetts is celebrating Juneteenth as an official state holiday, since Gov. Charlie Baker signed the holiday into law last July. Institutions across the Commonwealth added the occasion onto their academic calendars for the first time as well, with Boston University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technolo

Boston musicians reflect on long term impact during uncertain times

With city shutdowns and stay at home orders, every work sector has been hit hard. But Boston’s creative community has been struggling to stay afloat as event cancellations attempt to flatten the curve.

Genie Santiago, a Boston-based rhythm and blues musician, said COVID-19 lockdowns have meant much more than mere forced-seclusion inside her home. She had recorded a single to be released in May, she said, but the work can no longer be completed by then.

“I have a new single and we just finished

Gallant uses music to bring mental health struggles to new light

Two weeks ago, singer-songwriter Christopher Joseph Gallant III, known as Gallant, was busy preparing for his tour in promotion of his latest studio album “Sweet Insomnia.” With venue closings and safety precautions being taken against large gatherings due to COVID-19, all of Gallant’s shows have since been postponed or cancelled, including his show at Paradise Rock Club which was scheduled for March 18.

In his newfound time, Gallant has been focused on finding peace in the surprises of simply

REVIEW: 8-Bit Big Band delivers nostalgia through video game-inspired jazz

Behind every popular video game is a nostalgic soundtrack, something that the 8-Bit Big Band understands better than anyone.

The 33-person jazz-pop ensemble is conducted by founder Charlie Rosen, an alumnus of Berklee College of Music and Broadway. The band returned to Berklee Performance Center Sunday to revitalize video games in a never-before-heard way: through the charms of live jazz.

Current Berklee student and YouTuber Carlos Eiene, known by his stage name insaneintherainmusic, opened th

Billy Raffoul prepares for latest EP, world tour starting in Boston

Canadian soul and rock songwriter Billy Raffoul wants to take music one step at a time.

The Ontario native released his debut single “Driver” in 2017 and built a name for himself with popular singles, such as “Acoustic,” and “Easy Tiger” and “When We Were Young.”

Raffoul said in an interview with the Daily Free Press that he has high hopes for 2020, with his upcoming EP “A Few More Hours at YYZ” set to release on April 3, along with his worldwide tour starting at the end of February, with the

REVIEW: Eric Nam charms crowds on “Before We Begin” tour

Korean-American pop star Eric Nam came to Boston Friday on tour for his first English album “Before We Begin,” filling the Royale Boston with love felt by every audience member in attendance.

The audience was eased into the set with a toned-down and relaxed opening by pop duo Frenship, each equipped with only a guitar and their voices. After the sincere performance, which included the popular track “Capsize,” Nam appeared and was greeted by screams of excitement for the opening song, “Come Thro

REVIEW: Oh Wonder sings about love, heartbreak in latest uplifting album

Oh Wonder released their third studio album, “No One Else Can Wear Your Crown” Friday, using their close relationship with each other to spread love through music.

In 2015, the British duo Josephine Vander Gucht and Andrew West set out to release a single each month, culminating in their debut album, “Oh Wonder.” Despite the restrictive deadlines, critics deemed the album cohesive and well thought-out. Similarly, their last album in 2017, “Ultralife,” was well-received by fans.

The two channel

REVIEW: “Birds of Prey” sets Harley Quinn free in her own story

Most people tend to think of Harley Quinn’s relationship with the Joker as her primary claim to fame. But the new solo Harley movie looks to change that idea.

“Birds of Prey,” directed by Cathy Yan, serves as a Harley-centric follow-up to “Suicide Squad.” Harley, played by Margot Robbie, must fend for herself after a breakup with the Joker — and it’s for real this time. Dubbed as “the Joker’s girlfriend,” this movie proves to be no easy task for Harley with all the new bounties put on her head.

REVIEW: Halsey’s true self sings through in “Manic”

It’s been over two years since electro pop singer Halsey’s album “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” premiered. Since then, the singer has matured right before her fans’ eyes, and her latest album “Manic” is evidence of that.

While “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” sounded like a confused teen with anxiety, “Manic” sounds like a much more mature and passionate adult, capable of facing her past demons.

“Ashley,” the first song in the album, showcases a hauntingly sincere and new side of Halsey. On this track

Review: Brockhampton give it their all at Agganis Arena

When one thinks of boy bands, they normally think of flashy bands with at most five members. Brockhampton isn’t your typical boy band. Consisting of 13 members, the energetic hip-hop and rap collective returned to Boston for the fourth time throughout their career at the Agganis Arena Sunday night.

The night kicked off with two eccentric openers: bubblegum-bass duo 100 gecs, and British rapper Slowthai. After two hype-inducing performances, Brockhampton appeared, accompanied by the heavy bass o
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